Hi! I’m Monika

Sadly, I am on hiatus until late June.

Can you recall a decision you’ve made that will always make you smile because it was one of your best? Have you ever experienced an event that changed your life? Do you have a memory so powerful that the intensity and pleasure will live within you forever? My name is Monika, and I have to ask… would you like to? I assure you that from the moment we first meet, your response to each of those questions will never be in doubt. What happens after those first few moments… well… you may never look back at your decisions, experiences and memories the same way ever again.

I thrive on catering to the pleasure of others and my perfect balance of skill and experience will entice and capture you like no other. I take incredible care of my body and am a non-smoker with no tattoos or piercings. My personality has been described as enchanting and charismatic and my ability to engage in any type of conversation will put anyone at ease. You will quickly find yourself relaxed in my company, regardless of your comfort level. This will intensify the anticipation between us and allow you to take in the other features I have to offer. What is it about me that will truly captivate you?

Perhaps it’s the flow of my hair, the curve of my face or my scent that will intoxicate you. And while my smile will surely warm your heart, it’s the seduction in my eyes that will quickly heat up the rest of you. Beyond that is my skin – as soft and sweet as my voice – which covers the rest of my tall, slim, firm body that will completely melt the rest of you. Ultimately there is my touch, which will never allow any part of you to remain soft for long.

Whether you want to tell me your fantasies, allow me to figure them out on my own, or have the desire for us to create new ones together… I’m Monkia… and I look forward to meeting you. The pleasure will be all ours.

New Client Application Form

If you complete the new client application at this time, I will reach out to you on June 30th.